Apple Watch S9 41mm LTE Sportband Light Pink M/L Aluminium Pink DE

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Watch S9 Aluminum GPS + Cellular

Full power ahead.
Thanks to Apple's proprietary chip, Apple Watch Series 9 is now more powerful, more intuitive and faster than ever before. With a new dual-core CPU that houses an impressive 5.6 billion transistors - a full 60 percent more than the predecessor S8 chip - impressive performance is achieved. In addition, the new 4-core neural engine can process machine learning tasks up to twice as fast as before. This opens the door to numerous innovations, including the brand new double-tap gesture.

Magical. Right down to your fingertips.
Gestures now make using your Apple Watch even easier - especially when you don't have your hand free. A simple double tap of your index finger and thumb allows you to answer calls, open messages, play or pause music, and more.

The Series 9's advanced display system sets new standards by increasing the maximum brightness to an impressive 2,000 nits - twice as much as the Series 8. This makes reading information a breeze, even in bright sunlight. But even in low-light situations, such as in the cinema, the display adapts and darkens to just 1 nit.

The update to watchOS 10 opens up completely new possibilities on your display. Virtually every app has undergone a major overhaul to give you even more information at a glance. You can now easily turn the Digital Crown on any watch face to open the Smart Stack with widgets for relevant and up-to-date information. Plus, you'll get insights into your mental health and vision, so you can keep tabs on your body and mood right from your wrist.

Important insights. At a glance.
Apple Watch helps you develop a better understanding of your physical and mental health. Your health information is always treated privately and securely. However, if you decide to share it with doctors, family members or friends, you remain in full control of it at all times.

No matter what workout you prefer, your Apple Watch is right on your wrist and ready to go with just a tap. You can view all relevant metrics in customizable views to keep you motivated. And because it's particularly robust, you can always throw yourself into training without having to worry about whether your Apple Watch can keep up.

Your heart health is the focus.
The Apple Watch Series 9 offers the ECG app, which can create an ECG, comparable to a 1-lead ECG. Additionally, the heart rate app enables notifications for high and low heart rates as well as irregular heart rhythms.

Measuring blood oxygen is very simple.
With the app and sensor in the Apple Watch Series 9, you can measure the oxygen level in your blood either on demand or regularly in the background - both during the day and at night.

A watch for better sleep.
With the sleep app you not only keep an eye on how long you sleep, but it also shows you how long you were in REM, core or deep sleep phases and whether you woke up in between.

Even better understanding of your cycle.
The Apple Watch Series 9 is equipped with an innovative sensor that records your temperature while you sleep. This allows you to track changes over time. Cycle Log uses this data to retrospectively estimate your expected ovulation timing, which can help you with family planning.

Help. As easy as wearing your watch.
If you fall, are in a car accident, or need assistance in an emergency situation, Series 9 can automatically summon help when you need it.

Accident detection in action: The Apple Watch Series 9 is able to detect whether you are involved in a serious car accident. As soon as it registers such an accident, it automatically makes an emergency call, informs the emergency services of your location and notifies your emergency contacts. Your safety is the highest priority.

Fall detection in focus: The Apple Watch Series 9 has the ability to detect serious falls and automatically alert emergency services in situations where you can no longer move. This feature has been specifically optimized when you use the training app. Your safety is important to us, no matter what activity you are engaged in.

Apple Watch connects with the people and things that matter most to you, all right from your wrist. With a cell phone plan, you can even do this without being near your iPhone.

Pink case, light pink sports strap, M/L

Scope of delivery:
Watch, Sportarmband

- Touchscreen: Yes
- Color display: Yes
- Resolution: 352 x 430 Pixel
Comfort equipment
- Vibration alert: Yes
- GPS: Yes
- Glonass: Yes
Data transfer
- Bluetooth: Yes
- Wi-Fi support (WLAN): Yes
- Standby/operating time (approx.): up to 18 hours
- Protection against splash water: Yes
- Protection against dust: Yes
- Waterproof: Yes
Scope of delivery
- Device: Yes
- Instruction manual: Yes
- Charger: Yes
- Width: 35mm
- Length/Height: 41mm
- Depth: 10.7mm
- Weight: 32.1g