Apple Watch SE 44mm LTE Sportarmband Blue Loop Aluminium Silver DE

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Watch SE aluminum GPS

Can do a lot. For very little.
Three elegant housing colors. Powerful sensors for insights into your health and fitness. Innovative security features. Stay connected conveniently and easily. A faster dual-core processor for more performance. The Apple Watch SE has tons of features at an amazing price.

Nice. Fast.
The Apple Watch SE is available in three case colors: midnight, polar star and silver. And the new S8 SiP makes it up to 20% faster, so you can do even more.

Reimagined for you and the planet.
There is also a new production process for the newly designed back, with a CO2 footprint that is over 80% lower. Its color matches perfectly with the Apple Watch case, which is made of 100% recycled aluminum.

Water sports.
The Apple Watch SE is water protected up to 50 meters. Track your speed and laps in the pool. Trace your route in open water. You'll get accurate readings even when using a swim board. Whether for bathing, swimming or surfing – get into the water.

More measurement data. More motivation.
Stay active and motivated with activity rings. And train like never before in the improved training app. Now you can try customized workouts with advanced fitness metrics like heart rate zones, stride length, ground contact time and vertical oscillation.

Go further with Apple Fitness+, with real-time personal fitness data.
Get real-time metrics from Apple Watch during every workout. Choose from 11 workout types and a library of over 3,000 workouts in Ultra HD. There are new workouts every week, from 5 to 45 minutes. Focus on your well-being with guided meditations. Take audio-guided walks or runs - just with your watch.

Accident detection. A security feature that you hopefully never need.
Now the Apple Watch SE can even detect if you've been in a serious car accident. If it registers an accident, the accident detection can automatically notify an emergency service, inform the responders on the phone of your location and inform your emergency contacts. It uses an improved 3-axis gyro sensor in conjunction with a new acceleration sensor for high g-forces with the largest dynamic range in a smartwatch. Plus a microphone, barometer, GPS and an advanced sensor fusion algorithm that works with over 1 million hours of real-world accident data. All this to detect a possible serious accident.

Keep an eye on your heart health.
Check your heart rate whenever you want with the heart rate app. And receive notifications when your heart rate is high, low or irregular.

Stay with yourself. With the app for mindfulness.
The mindfulness app helps you reduce everyday stress, focus more on the moment and tackle new challenges. She can guide you through a series of calming breathing exercises. Or direct your attention to finding your center with a short animation. If you have an Apple Fitness+ subscription, you can practice mindfulness with guided audio meditations no matter where you are.

Pay attention to your sleep while you sleep.
The sleep app tracks your sleep. It works with your iPhone to help you develop a plan and routine for when you fall asleep so you sleep better. See how long you were in different sleep phases such as REM, core or deep sleep, and whether you woke up in between. Monitor your sleep trends and see how well you're meeting your sleep goals. There's just one thing she doesn't do: count sheep.

Better connected wherever you are.
Answer a call on the hike. Text your boss from the beach. Take a quick look at notifications. Pay for pretty much anything from your wrist with Apple Pay. With optional cellular and international roaming, you can do more, in more places than ever before, even when you don't have your phone with you

Family configuration Your family. Always just an arm's length away.
An iPhone. And everyone has their Apple Watch running.
With Family Configuration, everyone in the family, such as children and older adults, can have an Apple Watch. Even without your own iPhone. This way you give those you care about the features you care about. For connectivity, wellness and security. This is fun for them and ensures independence. And gives you a calm feeling.
Shared joy. You use Family Configuration to pair your children's or older family members' Apple Watch with your iPhone. Everyone gets their own phone number, and you can manage each watch using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

A good time for children. With family configuration, children can use many of the features of the Apple Watch. They stay in touch with you and people you approve through calls and text messages. And have fun with apps, streaming music and shopping with Apple Cash Family. You can also set up a schedule for School Time Mode. This limits the features of the Apple Watch when you want the children to concentrate. Even the activity rings have been revamped to better represent how kids exercise. Instead of actively burning calories, they now record minutes of exercise. And with location sharing, you'll receive notifications when kids come home or aren't where you expect them.

A good feeling for older people. The Apple Watch gives older family members completely new possibilities. You can take advantage of Apple Watch's connectivity features like calls, text messages, and location sharing to stay closely connected with family. And if you like, you can make the text bigger or bolder.

Features for security. Apple Watch comes with important safety features like fall detection, which can determine if your loved ones have had a serious fall. If it is detected that they can no longer move, Emergency Call SOS will notify an emergency service for them, even if they do not have a cell phone plan. You can also call for help yourself - anywhere in the world - by simply holding down the side button.

Health features. Apple Watch can alert family members if it detects unusually high or low heart rates. And measure your current heart rate. Additionally, all activity goals, including standing hours and exercise minutes, can be adjusted to suit older family members.

Apps that make it completely yours.
Expand your watch's capabilities with tens of thousands of apps from the App Store. They're available for pretty much everything - whether you want to improve your serve at tennis, track your cycling or take the subway. And for many of your favorite apps on the iPhone, there is also the right app for the Apple Watch.

Listen up. For music, podcasts and audiobooks.
With Apple Music, you have millions of songs to keep you motivated. You can also listen to the latest podcasts or audio books. The perfect inspiration for your workouts. And exactly the entertainment you need for relaxation.

New look with one click.
Apple Watch bands are designed so you can change them in seconds. With a wide range of styles and colors, including Nike wristbands, you'll quickly have a whole new look.

Make the most of your time.
Choose from a variety of watch faces from Apple and new watch faces from Nike. And customize your own watch faces with complications, colors and styles for whatever interests you. You can even share your watch faces with friends and family via email or text message.

And that's not all.

Wallet. Save your boarding pass, movie tickets or bonus cards so you always have them with you.

Siri. You can do almost anything on Apple Watch, like asking for directions, the weather, or playing a song. Just tell Siri.

Find devices. Find people. Find things. Find your devices again or be pinged if you forget your iPhone. Check where your friends are. Or locate an AirTag. Everything with your watch.

Sounds. The Noises app informs you when very loud ambient noises could have a negative effect on your hearing.

Cycle log. Record your period and symptoms and get a prediction of when your fertile days are likely to begin.

Home. Control lights, a thermostat and the garage door. Or use a security camera to see who is at your front door.

Camera remote control. Use the Apple Watch as a scene finder for your iPhone camera. Watch a preview and then set the timer or just snap away.

Cards. Search for locations and get turn-by-turn directions from maps right on your wrist. It even tells you when to turn with a tap.

Medication. With the medication app you can receive simple and discreet reminders and quickly record your medications.

Scope of delivery:
- Clock
- Bracelet

- Touchscreen: Yes
- Color display: Yes
- Size: 1.32 inches
- Resolution: 324 x 394 Pixel
Comfort equipment
- Vibration alert: Yes
- GPS: Yes
- Glonass: Yes
Data transfer
- Bluetooth: Yes
- Wi-Fi support (WLAN): Yes
- Protection against splash water: Yes
- Protection against dust: Yes
- Waterproof: Yes
Scope of delivery
- Device: Yes
- Instruction manual: Yes
- Charger: Yes
- Width: 38 mm
- Length/Height: 44 mm
- Depth: 10,7 mm
- Weight: 33 g